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Do you ever feel like you need to change direction but are not sure how to go about it? Have you asked yourself questions such as - How can you increase my turnover? Do I need to sell different products? Am I targeting the right market? How can I become more profitable?

All of us at times can benefit from spending a little bit of time bouncing ideas around – even small changes can yield good results. Simply being able to discuss such topics with an experienced individual from the same industry can really help! We will deliver a fresh perspective, analyse what is working and what can be improved in all areas of business. An expert, supportive hand at an affordable price.

Marketing is not rocket science. Marketing, quite simply, is getting potential customers interested in what you are offering. But to be honest there is no single magical marketing activity that will make your business a success – rather a combination of activities that should be implemented to provide a complete marketing program.

We will help you identify which strategies will work for your business and which will be a complete waste of time. Importantly, you know your customer demographic – we can help you to reach them.


Whatever you need we can help you – we can refresh your existing brand, or we can create a completely new look for you, with a recognisable footprint, helping explain to consumers who you are and why they can trust you.

A brand that is consistent across digital activities and in your physical showrooms.

SEO Websites

A fully SEO optimised brand website is the foundation of any digital marketing strategy, it needs to be informative and inspirational, supporting your showrooms

Web sites are a great way to attract new customers, but only if it is up to date with all the relevant content needed and fully optimised so that customers can find you.

We can provide an audit of your existing web site and recommend any needed changes to help you maximise your online visibility and to become more visible in search rankings or we can design a new site for you.

Social Media

Social media networks are great tools to start establishing a digital presence for you. The most influential platforms for your business help you to interact with returning customers, in addition to attracting potential new customers. Social media activities help build your own brand, generate leads to your showroom, can create more visitors to your website. But you may not have the time to concentrate on maximising these avenues – perhaps you don’t know what to post or how to do it.

We will advise you on the right platforms for your business, and most importantly we will create inspiring, relevant, up to date content, including engaging images for you to post – we can even manage this for you if you prefer!

Email Marketing and Automation

Email marketing is an excellent tool to be used as part of your marketing strategy. It helps you to build relationships with your customers and help drive traffic to your web site, social media or into your stores. It is a low-cost way of reaching customers and helping to grow your brand awareness. But there are some challenges to overcome – for example - what size is the email, what content do I include, how often do I send them?

These types of decisions we discuss with you and provide a solution. If you prefer, our email automation service means that we handle the whole process for you, managing this activity to reach as many of your customers as possible, without the stress for you!

Web Services

Thanks to our experience with Hunter Douglas we have developed a range of web add ons that will increase website traffic and create lasting relationships with your customers.

We can seamlessly integrate the Luxaflex® Micro Site and sampling system into your website whilst keeping customers on your site. Our scaleable e-commerce system enables you to sell online, in-store and on on Social Media.

Create an online home for your customers using our adaptable CRM plugins; ranging from organising appointments, file sharing and private messaging to quotations, invoicing, payments and staff management.

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Creative Services

Our creative design and production skills have been proved during the last 25 years, delivering product launches, collection books, advertising and online campaigns for Hunter Douglas.

We believe that these skills can be as equally effective supporting smaller companies marketing.

Our experienced design team can deliver consistent and relevant creativity across all aspects of design. Brand identity, showroom graphics, point of sale, web design, digital marketing campaigns and printed literature. We understand that you may have long standing relations with printers and are happy to supply them with print specifications and print ready artwork.

Our creative solutions are always bespoke to your requirements and targeted to deliver your brand and marketing strategy and are produced in partnership with our clients.

We have the experience and expertise to make you really stand out from your competitors.

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